549-02 (Apollo’s Fire: (Fooled Me X Mason’s Mark) X Tet Sophia’s Lips: (Radiant Ruffles X Cherries Flambé)
32-inch scape, 6+ inch flower, 4-way branching, 25 buds, D. to S. Ev., Re.

One of Steve’s dreams was to develop a pink daylily with a true red eye.
 With the introduction of this daylily I would say that his dream has come true.  
Once again this is yet another one of this year’s introductions that have a cast of AHS award-winning parents!  
H. Til We Meet Again is a medium pink with a crystal clear red eye that is enhanced by an amber, ruffled edge.  
The branching is excellent and is held high above the exemplary foliage.  She re-blooms here in Avon.  
H. Til We Meet Again is always a showstopper in the garden with visitors who have recommended that I
introduce it for a number of years now.  Scape and plant habit are more than acceptable with rich, dark foliage.  
Fertile both ways.   $125.00