Tet, Gerda Brooker, 2008 (5-103 MILDRED BROOKER X DARLA ANITA) MID., 6.5”, 28, 3-5 way, 20-25 buds
SUMMER IN SIENNA is all about unbelievable ruffles. Besides the ruffles the daylily is clothed in a salmon color with a slightly darker salmon eye. The eye stemming from Mildred Brooker (Malcolm Brooker, 2002)  as well as the heavy ruffled edge from Mildred's  parentage(Creative Edge X Uppermost Edge), not to forget the heavy ruffles from John Kinnebrews “Darla Anita”. SUMMER IN SIENNA is going places, I believe. You will either love it or hate it. Very fertile both ways.
SF $ 150.00