Sandy Holmes, 2007
tet. 01-trsa(Munson seedling x Webster seedling)
Ufo. Dor. mid. 40" 8", 4 way, 24 budcount.
I am pleased to introduce this beautiful daylily.  By crossing two Southern daylilys,
several keepers emerged. We were fortunate enough to use a Webster seedling
which Rob Cobb sent us, called TRS 3, a Dor., and a Munson seedling acquired at
 Wimberly Way.  SOUTHERN BRETHREN is named to honor
Bill Munson and Richard Webster. We thank these gentlemen for their enormous
contributions to the Daylily Community. SOUTHERN BRETHREN is a purple self with a
green throat highlighted by a light white watermark inherited from the Munson seedling.
Fertile both ways.
Limited $125.00 S.F.