FORTUNE’S DEAREST Part 4 Mort Morss on the Daylily Teeth Blog

graceful brook FORTUNES DEAREST Part 4  Mort Morss on the Daylily Teeth Blog

Here is the complete cross of FORTUNE’SDEAREST.

(Mort’s Magic x Sib to Mort’s Magic F2) x (Cool Jazz x Dream Express) 

DREAM EXPRESS is ((Zinfandel × Ming Porcelain) × Fantasy Finish)  

DREAM EXPRESS, Evergreen, Kirchoff, Photo at Daylilyworld 

ZINFINDALE,(Charles Hamil x Tetra Olivier Monette)  Evergreen, Kirchoff , Photo at Daylily and Hosta Gardens.×450.jpg 

CHARLES HAMIL, Evergreen, Munson (Knave x Chicago Royal)

Orchid Lavender with a cream throat. 

KNAVE, Evergreen, Munson (sdlg x Kings Cloak), Photo by Simbad. 

KINGS CLOAK, Evergreen, Munson (Oriana x sdlg). Photo at Daylily and Hosta  Gardens×450.jpg 

ORIANA, Evergreen, Munson {[sdlg. X (Dorcas x Superfine)] x Crestwood Ann} 

Tomato cream with red halo, gold-yellow throat 

DORCAS, Evergreen, Spalding  

Burnt orange self 

SUPERFINE, Dormant, Fay-Hardy (sdlg x Francis Fay) Photo at Dave’s Garden 

FRANCES FAY, Dormant. Fay . Photo at Daylily and Hosta Gardens×450.jpg 

CHICAGO ROYAL, Semi Evergreen, Marsh, Photo at Daylily and Hosta Gardens×450.jpg 

CRESTWOOD ANN, Dormant, Fay-Griesbach. Photo at Gryphongardens 

Image is of a Gerda Brooker introduction. GRACEFUL BROOK (Fortunes Dearest x Lifting Me Higher sdlg. X seedling).  Thanks Gerda! 

We’ll look at MING PORCELAIN in the cross next, on the daylily teeth blog. 


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One Response to FORTUNE’S DEAREST Part 4 Mort Morss on the Daylily Teeth Blog

  1. Hi Mike, I have had a really interesting time reading all your posts… it is a true education and exploration of toothy evolution… which brings me to this question. The links to the daylily precursors to our toothy daylilies…don’t necessarily demonstrate teeth. This lead me to the question “Are teeth a natural evolution for daylilies?” By selecting for toothy cultivars we are speeding up this natural process….. ? A friend and I have many emails about cultivars showing teeth, knobs and other edge enhancements….especially when heat is involved. Being northern hybridizers..we saw quite a bit of that this past year..a year of extreme heat and drought. One cultivar that comes to mind is Enticing Elegance..a Salter with a pedigree. It was ringed with teeth in my garden this year and took me quite by surprise. Was not able to get any pod set, the pollen did set pods, but no seeds matured to seedlings for me. I blame the extreme conditions for the failures. I will definitely try again this year. I would be interested if you have any genetic reasoning to its’ teeth. Thanks for these great blogs…..on toothies. Claudia Link to Enticing Elegance photo on my farm website

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