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Here is a cross someone on a limited budget can make to get a tested high quality cross. Three   years ago I spoke to Linda Agin about her upcoming 2008 releases  of ALAN LANE AGIN and its sib, RED FRIDAY .  The cross was (Startle x Fortunes Dearest ). FORTUNES DEAREST  can be purchased for $12.00 at Blue Grass Daylily Gardens for $12.00. You can find STARTLE for $10.00. If you live in the North, FORTUNES DEAREST is tender and may not bloom or even survive so get it in the spring and make your crosses with the northern hardy STARTLE.

Of Linda’s two introductions from  (Startle x Fortunes Dearest ), she recommended I get RED FRIDAY because it was her best parent for teeth. That said, I’ve also seen nice kids from its sib ALAN LANE AGIN  at Larry Grace’s and Jamie Gossard’s this past summer. Both of these guys had clear light purple daylilies with white teeth out of the daylily.  ALAN LANE AGIN proved to be tender for me and did not survive outdoors.  RED FRIDAY is hardy and vigorous. More coming on Startle on the daylily teeth blog… Thank you John Kulpa  for image of your DEVIL’S MISTRESS seedling.




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  1. Dave Mussar says:

    I’m always surprised to see how many kids there are out of Startle as a pod parent. I’ve always had a tough time setting pod on it to the point that I gave up trying a few years ago as it was such a waste of time. Had to check my list but it does look like I brought it with me to the new garden. May have to try again.


    • John Benz says:


      I’ve had years where STARTLE was a difficult pod parent, but after I began to use diploid pollen to get anything difficult started, I could get upto 7-8 pods per scape. SHIRLEY FARMER and WHITE FANG were selected from over 137 siblings from the cross of (STARTLE X ANGEL’S SMILE) ANGEL’S SMILE is a far more difficult pod-parent, so this was the only way I could get those seeds. Good luck.

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