Forestlake Ragamuffin, Part 11, A Daylily Teeth Blog

jacklooye Forestlake Ragamuffin, Part 11, A Daylily Teeth Blog
FLR Seedling, Jack Looye

Lemon yellows are among my favorite colors. Unfortunately, I don’t see many seedlings out of FLR that are yellow. Jack Looye provided this image of a seeding he hybridized (sdlg x Forestlake Ragamuffin). While Jack didn’t provide the sdlg’s cross, I’d assume it was a line bred yellow because of the purity of color.  FORESTLAKE RAGAMUFFIN does have yellow blend in it with YUMA. So yellow to gold hybridizing with Ragamuffin makes sense.

For hybridizing round yellow seedlings, and since I like big, I’d use daylilies with Tet Ruffled Perfection in them(you can find them in the Trimmer line and Benz line)and I’d also use  Solar Music.

For narrow open form daylilies, I’d use Jamie Gossard’s BEADED LIGHT, HEAVENLY YELLOW LION(Ragamuffin x Tetra Spindazzle in it), YELLOW TITAN(Tetra Spindazzle in it), John Benz’s REAP THE WHIRLWIND(Ragamuffin x Tetra Spindazzle in it), Barry Matthie’s BONIBRAE SAWTOOTH(Ragamuffin x Tetra Spindazzle in it) and Sandy Holmes’s GOLDEN GLITZ(Ragamuffin x Tetra Spindazzle in it). There are many more yellow daylilies that you probably can think of to use. Try a few crosses in yellow to gold next season. I’d bet you get a few keepers…. Tomorrow on the Daylily Blog..another seedling…


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