How many colors do you see?

BNIS 292x300 How many colors do you see?

How many colors do you see

When you look at the face of a daylily, what do you see?  The answer probably varies from person to person.  Quickly looking at this daylily, I can see at least seven colors in it. How many colors do you see? Start with the most obvious areas first.  Petals, sepals, and the throat. These colors are usually the easiest to describe. You could describe this daylily as a cream self, with a hint of tan, sepals are slightly bitoned, and an emerald green throat. Now we move to the eye zone. When you have multiple colors, you’d describe the eye zone as complex. I see an an inner magenta ring, extending into a blend of lavenders, surrounded by a blend of magenta, with an outer ring of magenta.  The sepals are next. Do you see the three colors in the sepals? Yellow-green, light lavender, trimmed in magenta. And finally lets look at the petal’s edge. The colors don’t appear to be different. In fact they are not. The colors are an extension of the eye zone and petals. So there you have it. There are are at least ten different colors viewable in this daylily. Many more subtle colors are viewable to a more refined eye. What is the name of this daylily? A 2010 introduction of Larry Grace, appropriately named “But Now I See”.


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