Bitones and Bicolors

bitione 300x212 Bitones and Bicolors

Bicolor or Bitone?

Some of my favorite daylilies are bicolors and bitones. This seedling of Kimberly McCutcheon appears at first glance to be a  bicolor. But is it? Close observation of the petals and sepals reveal it is really a strong bitone. It has lavender petals with a hint of lavender in the sepals. If the daylily were to be a true bicolor the sepals would lack lavender pigment. Steve Moldovan was big on bitones. OLD KING COLE was a favorite breeder of his. Recently I’ve noticed Floyd Boatright and Bruce Moon are working on bicolors and bitones. But most  mainstream hybridizers have generally stayed away form this area. If you wanted to be a niche hybridizer, consider this distinctive look.


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