Another season has come and gone

endoftheseason 300x263 Another season has come and gone

End Of The Season

Now that the season has come to a close, you get a straggler or two daylilies that want to continue on. Sometimes they don’t open quite right because of the cool morning.  It almost makes you want to start the season all over again and give them a fair chance. 

We’ve just about finished moving the clumps of daylilies that Sandy is keeping for another year. So far we’ve moved several hundred clumps. At the end period of evaluation for the group, just a a couple of the daylilies will be worthy of introduction. That is a lot of work just to keep a few crosses. Crosses are interesting in that sometimes you can get one magical cross in which you select several daylilies of the cross and the cross that you think is going to be fabulous  is a dud. Steve Moldovan made the magical cross of SALEM WITCH by IDAS MAGIC. He had made just 5 seed.  From that small cross he introduced Divine Comedy, Lady Khan, and Buckingham Palace. It rarely gets any better than that!


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