Tet,sev. Gerda Brooker 2008, (G4-25 FORTUNES DEAREST X BELLE COOK),ML, 5.5-6", 3-way, 18-20 buds
PRINCESS SOFIA, is such a fitting name for our newest addition this year. My granddaughter born to Eric and Kathleen, and sister to (sweet) Isabela. Like her namesake, she made my heart stop the first time I saw her.  The cultivar is the awesome child of FORTUNES DEAREST and BELLE COOK. The deep burgundy purple is crowned by a white jagged edge. The almost 6" daylily has a distinct large white water mark above a large green throat. PRINCESS SOFIA, is a reluctant pod parent, very pollen fertile.
Fall delivery only.  sold out
SF $ 200.00