(305-97: ((Blessed Art Thou x One Last Dance) X Nostradamus) X 136-96: (Ferengi Gold: (Betty Warren Woods X  
(Emerald Dawn x Betty Warren Woods)) X Truly Awesome: (Lightning Ridge x (Ruffled Lemon Lace x How It Works))
26 to 28-inch scape, 6-inch flower, 3 to 4-way branching, 18 to 22 buds, D., Re.

If you need proof that beauty is ageless I would like to present H. Philosopher’s Stone as living testament to that timeless adage.  I must admit that when I first observed this cross being made I was somewhat confused about the use of two “older” daylilies in modern day breeding.  What I completely failed to take into consideration was the fact that Steve had forgotten more about quality breeding than I knew.  It was then that I learned that it is extremely important to continue exploring the untapped potential of a daylily before you discard it and move from new daylily to new daylily.  Since the arrival of this daylily it has been used extensively and is producing some of the most awesome yellow and gold daylilies in our fields.  H. Philosopher’s Stone is a warm green-yellow daylily with an intensely serrated, ruffled chartreuse edge.  This beauty also tends to throw teeth and chartreuse edges and is being used in our breeding for daylilies with teeth.   To add to its distinctiveness are the sculpted petals that can become quite intense.  I am currently experimenting by using some of our more dramatically patterned ones in the hope of carrying a pattern onto the sculpted parts of a seedling the likes of H. Philosopher’s Stone.  The plant habit is great with the exception of the fact that I wish that she was just a bit taller although, in honesty, it was a massive clump and still bloomed above the foliage.  
Fertile both ways. $75.00