SH414-00 (Swiss Legacy X Sdlg.: (Bowl Of Cherries: (Hail Mary x Tet Siloam Virginia Henson) X Camel Caravan: ((Bittersweet Holiday x Yuma) x Queen’s Cape)
30 to 32-inch scape, 4 to 4 ½-inch flower, 4-way branching, 22+ buds, D.

I must take this opportunity to thank Sandy Holmes for giving me permission to introduce this totally cute daylily that she crossed here years ago.  Since then it was selected by Steve and moved into the select beds for evaluation.  This daylily was mislabeled in the transition and the cross always confused me.  I am guessing that you might know about those “this just can’t be” crosses that just don’t sit right with you, right?  So, after more hours than I care to think about going through Steve’s records and thousands of slides, I found the correct and might I add even more exciting parentage.  There is a loving God!  H. Nanny Button Cup, which by the way is the name of a garden fairy in literature, has always been a favorite of mine.  Normally I am not a fan of smaller daylilies not because of the flower itself but more due to my starting my hybridizing career in the world of large flowered daylilies.  But when I saw H. Nanny Button Cup all of that changed.  She is so totally delightful not only because of her size but also for the breeding potential that she offers in larger daylily breeding.  The two-ringed eyezone is fascinating, presenting colors ranging from maroon to what I can only describe as bluish gray-purple.  I have found myself taking this daylily into larger ones to enhance the pattern program not to mention that her genetics are conducive to producing larger daylilies.  H. Nanny Button Cup has proven to be an eye catcher here at the garden.    
Fertile both ways.          $75.00