19-97 (Imperial Wizard: (Salem Witch X Mephistopheles) X Startle: (Broadmore Red X My Sunshine)
32 to 34-inch scape, 6 inch flower, 3-way branching plus terminal, 20 buds, D. to S. Ev.
A queenly daylily deserves a like name and thus I chose one for H. Maria Theresa.   
Known to be a dynamic personality Queen Maria Theresa was not only elegant but also a forceful member of the royal family.  
So too does H. Maria Theresa possess these qualities.  On its maiden bloom the flower presented itself with a rather flowing form with an edge.  
As it established it became a radiant dark purple with an intensely ruffled edge of white that carries across the garden.  
Color is very clean. Steve used it extensively in breeding and its children are proving to be even more exceptional.  
Steve was especially impressed with the clarity of color and form produced from a direct cross from the Startle lineage.  
This daylily went to Columbus for a period of time and then returned home to Avon this year.  
Being that the plants were in pots I assumed that the bloom season was pretty much over but was quite excited to find that upon her return
she almost immediately sent up rebloom scapes that produced even more exciting blooms.   
Fertile both ways.        Limited stock.