167-96 (Castle Charlemagne: ((Messiah x Noble Lord) X Blessed Art Thou: (Calais X Mariska))
38-inch scape, 6-inch flower, 3-way branching, 20 buds, D.

I must note that my statistics on this daylily are from this years blooming season.  H. Lady Guinevere regrettably never got moved from its current area that became very shaded due to tree growth.  As we know daylilies will compensate for less than ideal conditions by stretching up for sunlight so I would feel safe in stating that its height would be more like 34 to 36 inches in height once put in preferable conditions.  When this area was less overgrown I do recall H. Lady Guinevere’s scape habit to be 4-way.  That having been said I still feel that she should be introduced for a number of reasons.  Firstly, the green throat is to die for and was notice by me literally from across our largest seedling field.  Totally stunning!  Also, it is one of those plants that although not extremely ruffled exudes a sense of peace and tranquility, which I find most pleasing in a very busy arena.  In spite of all of the fantastic breaks that I was privileged to observe in Steve’s seedlings I quite often found myself being drawn back to see H. Lady Guinevere.  Last but not least is that the pink color is perfectly clean a quality I should not be surprised about given that Steve produced this beauty.  
Fertile both ways.        $75.00