H. King Tut’s Treasure
19-02 (Tangerine Horses: (Spanish Glow X  (sdlg x My Darling Clementine)) X 245-00:
(Perfect Ten: (Messiah x Something Wonderful) X Daily Reprieve: (Leonidas x (Daydream Believer x Nijo’s Castle)) x Isosceles}))
32 to 34 inch scape, 5½-inch flower, 3+ way branching, 18 to 20+ buds, D.

When this daylily first bloomed I immediately had an idea for its name,
H.King Tut’s Treasure, as its vivid coloration is visible from a long distance away.    
Steve described the coloration of seedling 245-00 as being “chromium gold” and this quality carries on in its offspring.  
How could a flower fail with such stellar, award-winning parents?  Not only does its lineage include some of the most
awesome yellows of the past it also involves H. Tangerine Horses.  
My thanks to Mr. Kaskel for his H. Tangerine Horses, which was just the right combination to create H. King Tut’s Treasure.  
Fertile both ways.  $75.00