E.  20 to 24 in. S.Ev. Re. Sdlg. # 96-256: ( Betty Warren Woods X Nursery Rhyme )

This is our finest, most dependable reblooming cultivar thus far, rescaping three to four times during our season.  Date With An Angel has consistently done so for the past seven seasons in our display gardens, receiving only the normal watering and fertilizing that our plants usually do.  We consider it to be a breakthrough northern variety and have used it much in breeding.  The flat, ruffled 4 ½ to 5 inch blossoms are a rich melon-pink color edged gold with a dollop of rich green in the center of the waxen finished blossom.  Its color holds in the sun and heat becoming richer and more vibrant during excessive
Summer heat.  It is especially stunning in the evening garden.  Other than coloration, little else is common about Date With An Angel.  Its strong, zigzag, 4 to 5 way branched scape could be cut for show purposes if you were so inclined.  Two to three spaced blossoms are always open on these special scapes.  Bud count averages 25.  Rebloom is the most consistent of any variety in our gardens.  Fertile both ways.  However, due to its rebloom performance, pods on some early pollinated scapes abort.  We have collected much seed from the remaining scapes and the pollen is very fertile.  It makes beautiful, compact plants with good green foliage in proportion to the flower and scape.  Increase is not fast due to heavy rebloom, but it is adequate.  Stock is limited.          $ 200.00