Dear Friends,

This past season has proven to be both highly rewarding and accomplished.  This is not to say that everything on my “To Do” list was accomplished
but then I have found over the past thirty two years that this is seldom accomplished to our satisfaction.  Fortunately this only means that I have got next year's list started already ….  Neat!  They say that necessity is the mother of invention and I have decided that the program needs to become more focused.  The downsizing of the garden is in
process and fields that had been utilized before, which I might add you just about needed a passport and a car to get to, are going to be returned to their natural state.  
I might also add that areas of the garden that were natural but closer to the main breeding area are now new daylily beds.  If nothing else I should cut down on mileage
traveled to make crosses.  None of this could have been accomplished without the help from some of the most fantastic people in the world, namely daylily lovers.  
My special thanks to some very special friends for their tireless help both physical and emotional namely Wayne Listkowski, Eric Moore, Dan Robarts, Bill Chambers, Martti Putkonen and Gerda Brooker.  Also many thanks to my many friends in the AHS who convinced me that continuing to maintain Moldovan's Gardens was not only possible but necessary.
 I hope never to let any of you down and continue to live up to the high standards that Steve set for so many years. Wayne and I have finally got all the seedlings in from
Steve's final crosses.  If nothing else I can assure you that the little buggers are going to be very hardy.  They not only survived in the plug trays outside for two years during both the heat of summer and the extremes of winterwith minimal care they also had some of the  most awesome root systems I;ve seen here.  Within a week or so they shot up so fast that I thought they might bloom this fall.  Based on the pedigrees I suspect that Steve will outdo  even his 2004 seedling bed which I would not have thought possible given some of the abulous seedlings that bloomed this and last season. Looking forward to many more years of your friendships and beautiful daylilies. As usual, visitors are always welcome to share the excitement that a hybridizing garden has to offer.  Our peak bloom is generally around July 15th with new seedlings blooming about ten days prior to this date.  A call or E-mail notifying us of your arrival time would be appreciated so as to be sure that someone is here to greet you and show you the garden.  Although the garden is open from dawn to dusk the morning hours are devoted to pollinating and photography but we will do our best to stop and answer your questions until we are finished with these necessary tasks. We are located in Avon Ohio, 20 miles west of Cleveland.  We are producers of Northern hardy daylilies that have exceptional plant habit for the best performance for breeders and growers alike.  
We take great pride in growing daylilies that you will treasure for years to come.