M4-94 (COLOR ME THERE X TET LAVENDER BLUE BABY) sev. 5-5.5”, 26”, 3-way, 15-18
This is by far the best and nearest blue I have seen, EXCEPT for Elizabeth Salter's blue beauties. REACH FOR THE SKY has a washed denim blue eye zone and a pattern within that blue. The lighter colored sepals make it a definite bi-tone with various shades of denim blue. A pattern breaking through the eye-zone, a blue edge, topped by a chartreuse-green edge, which matches the throat, all those attributes belong to REACH FOR THE SKY. A well-known hybridizer compared it to TET LAVENDER BLUE BABY in my garden, and REACH FOR THE SKY  is….you guessed it, bluer. Very fertile both ways.  sold out