94-01 (Vertical Horizon: (Merchant Marine × (Moonlit Masquerade × Mason's Mark)) X Gillian: (Moonlit Masquerade X Tetra Dragonís Eye)
36 to 38-inch scape, 6-inch flower, 3 to 4 way branching, 20 to 22 buds, D.

How could a daylily with the AHS award-winning parents that H. Haute Couture has be anything but fantastic?  I was going to introduce this daylily last year but found myself having trouble releasing it because I inevitably found myself discovering even more crosses that I had to make.  I am currently using this plant extensively in my pattern breeding and rarely did a flower open when it was not immediately crossed.  Its coloration varies between lavender purple to deep lavender.  She has a rather interesting amber-olive coloration emanating from the throat.   Three different rings of color make H. Haute Coutureís pattern most intriguing.  Very limited availability, as I never gave it a chance to recuperate from my extensive breeding over the past several years.    
Fertile both ways.  Limited stock.        $125.00