199-01 (Ron Valente: (Vatican City X Imperial Wizard) X Queensbury Rules: (Sailor's Dance × Imperial Wizard)
34 to 36-inch scape,  6-inch flower,  4-way branching, 20+ buds, D.

This daylily was selected by Steve as being his “best 2005 purple” which, considering his reputation for this particular color, is saying something.  I have been astounded over recent years during my travels throughout his subsequent seedling fields how often he went back to H, Bravo Caruso in his breeding program.  Taken to very ruffled varieties it is producing some of the most spectacular patterned daylilies that I’ve observed.    
She is proving to be a very important parent in the quest for astonishing patterns.  Given her illustrious parents I have no Idea why I was surprised with the ensuing results observed in the current seedling fields.  Branching on this variety is exemplary and overall plant habit more than lives up to Steve’s high standards.  The deep, rich purple obviously comes from its pod parent, Ron Valente, while its bluish eyezone would appear to come from “dad”.  Fertile both ways.           $75.00